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Marion Pharma India Pvt.Ltd. is a high-tech Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company dedicated to the upliftment of socio-economic status of the farmers. We have been serving the Industry by producing wide range of Finished Products. Our Products add EVA (Economic Value Addition) to the farmers.

With excellent infrastructure and facilities, and with fully trained & experienced personnel, the manufacturing is done as per WHO/ GMP standards. Our endeavor is to bridge the gap between the lab to land by introducing newer molecules, innovative products which will bring instant solution to our customers.

Since our establishment, we have been pursuing the principle of most competitive rates, best quality and excellent service. From the inception the Company endeavored to enhance the quality of life, by innovating and exploring the most advanced technologies to produce high quality products.

We welcome financially sound & interested parties, who want to market our manufactured products under their own private label brands. We wish to establish long standing and both sides beneficial relationship with companies to promote sales. We feel sure that comparison of quality, price and service between our products with our sources will convince the buyers of our fair advantage in all respects.

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Customer Satisfaction

Identification of customer's need and providing solution for their problems. Enchasing the market need on priority basis with long term commitment to the industry and recognizing the...
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To bring appropriate products to the doorstep of the farmers through cost effective result oriented satisfaction. Innovating oppurtunities through regular interaction with...
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Did you know?

  • Goats were the first animal to be domesticated, according to many historians.
  • Female sheep are called ewes, male sheep are called rams, and baby sheep are called lambs.
  • Ducklings are born ready to leave the nest within hours of hatching - their eyes are open and they are able to find some of their own food.
  • Pigs don't have sweat glands, so they must roll in mud to stay cool and prevent sunburns.
  • Pigs are considered the 4th most intelligent animal (after chimpanzees, dolphins, and elephants).
  • Sheep make a bleating sound. A baby lamb can identify its mother by her bleat.
  • Some wild goats can climb trees and can walk along a ledge not much wider than a tightrope.

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